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The Hoffman Group - Aftermarket Auto Parts

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Customer frustration and a big raspberry for The Hoffman Group

Cleveland Bradley Business has discovered that The Hoffman Group, a supplier of after-market auto parts and based in Portland, Oregon, is beginning to infuriate its customers. The Hoffman Group, a supplier of AutoLoc suspension parts, Zirgo cooling products, Keep It Clean wiring accessories, Stellar auto security systems, Helix suspension/steering/brakes, Aurora gauges, Vintage Parts, and Protocol hot rod products, is being labeled a company with one of the worst after-sales service departments in the nation. A Cleveland Bradley Business staff member is a custom car fanatic who has run afoul of the folks over at The Hoffman Group and is hopping mad. A problem surfaced in regard to an Aurora Instruments speedometer which was purchased from The Hoffman Group eBay store. Red flags should have been heeded up-front when reading the responsibility waiver which basically says they accept none for their products because they believe their customers are idiots. Maybe there is a need for a waiver because the instructions accompanying the gauge were contradictory, confusing, and inaccurate. A call to the support line 503-693-1918 garnered a twenty minute hold, wasted time, and no help.  A visit to their website
made for a very unhappy customer. The promises made on their eBay store were false, at least as far as the gauges were concerned and the online tech support / customer service was, to be kind to them, nonexistent. Every communication was answered with, "This session is closed."  A product is useless if it is damaged due to faulty installation instructions and unreachable customer service.

We would be interested to hear from visitors to this site who have experienced customer frustration and also from those with customer satisfaction from The Hoffman Group. Readers should hear both sides of the story.

As of now, The Hoffman Group receives a big raspberry from Cleveland Bradley Business.


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